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Two big ‘C’s will win the day in 2009: Confidence and Creativity!

By Peter Scott  |  Property Leasing  |  Tuesday 16th December 2008

2008 has been a hugely interesting year in the property game.

Property has had its fair share of headlines. At times it has been hard to sift through all the comments and predictions to get an accurate take on what is really going on. (more…)

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Avoiding double-up disasters

By Peter Scott  |  Property Leasing  |  Tuesday 9th December 2008

There’s a term in the real estate game that is of huge importance, and that is “the effective agent”. It is the “effective agent” who earns the commission or brokerage fee when a property lease contract is signed.

A major challenge arises in the property lease market when (more…)

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Trying to exit a commercial lease? Don’t hit the panic button!

By Peter Scott  |  Property Lease Negotiation  |  Tuesday 2nd December 2008

I’ve been getting a number of emails and calls from people wanting some tips on how to get out of a commercial property lease.

I won’t pull any punches. It is (more…)

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