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Stand up for your rights

By Peter Scott  |  Property Leasing  |  Tuesday 31st March 2009

At the risk of sound a bit like a human rights activist, I thought it important to say a word about ensuring your rights as a commercial tenant are always honoured.

In these tough times, we can all get a little bit desperate and think about (more…)

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Time to give up secrets to make better deals

By Peter Scott  |  Recession Strategies  |  Tuesday 24th March 2009

When it comes to financial matters, most of us like to keep the detail close to our chests.

It’s often considered foolhardy to (more…)

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The upside of downsizing

By Peter Scott  |  Office Design  |  Tuesday 17th March 2009

The term downsizing is a relatively new jargon word in the English language. And it is one that always has a negative connotation. To most people it means something is going to be lost; a job, a product or service, or space.

When it comes to downsizing space in a workplace, nine times out of ten it (more…)

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Managing commercial real estate agents…

By Peter Scott  |  Property Lease Negotiation  |  Tuesday 10th March 2009

Real estate agents for most of us are the people we love to hate. A necessary evil perhaps; to others they are to be avoided like the plague.

The reality is (more…)

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Cutting off your nose to spite your face

By Peter Scott  |  Property Lease Negotiation  |  Tuesday 3rd March 2009

In today’s volatile economy, I’ve noticed some old wisdom coming to the fore. As everyone searches for answers, some standard old fashioned approaches are proving to be wise counsel.

For instance, the old saying “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” comes to mind.

It’s been my experience in many years of property lease negotiations that competitiveness, combativeness, (more…)

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